Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tough Love

I had the day off work today as I was supposed to go and see my friend who’s going through a horrifically tough time at the moment. However due to responsibilities to her 5 children we had to rearrange. So I kind of felt at a loss at what to do. It did cross my mind to try and do some make up but I much prefer doing it on someone else.
So at lunchtime I went to see my partner (Dave AKA Make Up Guinea Pig) during his lunch break.

We ended up having a diet coke in the pub (after grabbing some chip shop chips and eating them whilst sat in the sun on a bench in the park – we kind of went off the idea after a man in a suit walked by and was sick into a bin).  We ended up talking about our careers and how we’re going to make stuff happen. (Dave is a scriptwriter and a damn good one at that – check out his blog here - http://davescullion.blogspot.co.uk/)

We were talking about talking to people we know in the business and stuff and how I’m slightly reluctant to talk to people about my SFX Makeup stuff because I don’t feel that I am good enough yet. Dave normally being my own personal cheerleader told me some things I didn’t particularly want to hear. Stuff like “how I don’t do enough make up” and how “I need to make contacts now if not for now, for the future and not for tips and technique within actual make up but for any insight to the industry” and other stuff.

While I didn’t appreciate it at first I do realise that he’s right. Also it is my perfectionist streak that is holding me back the most. So I am going to make sure I practice make up at least twice a week and start contacting people. I’m also going to contact a couple of companies I know of and ask if they do any workshops. I’ll work out when in the year I’ll be able to afford the workshops they do at Charles Fox.

So thank you so much Dave, if you’re reading – while it hurt at first I realise that you are right. I need to stop using excuses (like being tired after work) to put my all into practising make up and making SFX my career.

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