Friday, 3 January 2014

In the middle of the night...

The past few days I've been struggling to sleep. Whether it's because I'm worried about my current situation with having no job and worrying that I'll run out of money or that I just can't stop my mind from racing I don't know. Last night was particularly bad so after over an hour waiting for sleep to embrace me I got up and went to my workshop.

I decided to sculpt. Nothing in particular, and I had no plan or idea about what I wanted to do. No reference pictures or anything - which hasn't yielded the best results. I have a polystyrene head (the type that look a bit like a mannequin's head and shoulders) that I coated with Le Beau Touche. I just need to build it up into something. Then the plan is to cast it. This isn't for a project or anything in particular, just for practice for sculpting.

Well, anyway I didn't do much, just added an angry / demon type brow, made the nose bigger and hooked, added lips and made the chin more defined and pointed. After that I went back to bed and was able to get a bit more sleep.

Maybe creativity is the cure for insomnia?

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