Thursday, 5 April 2012

Let Me Introduce Myself

I should probably introduce myself properly. My name is Jess; I am a 20 year old woman. I work as a credit controller; I want to work as a special effects make-up artist.
You see my problem was that when I was in school and in sixth form, I had no real idea of what I wanted to do. I had always wanted to be a nurse because I thought it was a respectable profession, I wanted to help people and 3 generations of females in my family were nurses.
 Then when I was doing my GCSEs I decided I wanted to be a pathologist or forensic scientist - All the while also thinking that I wanted to be a writer.  As you can imagine this lead to lots of course changes and mind changes etc. And when it came part way through my second year at sixth form and I was supposed to apply for a course at university I was stumped. At that point I considered a writing/English language course, psychology, drama, and special effects make-up.
As it happened I ended up dropping out of sixth form at this point as I was living on my own and my sixth form took two hours each way to travel to from where I lived – and thus saving me from the terror of decision making. I was working at a tourist attraction/scare attraction and that is where my interest in SFX make-up took hold.
I have always loved films and in particular horror films and subconsciously I’ve always picked apart and been most interested in the work that goes into the character/creature make up etc. But the problem I have always had is that I find it hard to believe I am good enough to make my hobby a career. Maybe this will always be the case and I will be stuck in a dead end job because I don’t have the confidence/faith in myself to make my dreams come true (god I sound like such a twat) let’s hope not hey…
So there’s a bit of background, boring as it may be. The irony of it all is, now that I have rent to pay and a job and bills etc. and I can’t really up and go to university (although my partner’s brother has done just that at 32 years old...) I have found the perfect course…and I can’t afford or have the time to do it! Typical!
Anyway that’s enough rambling – here’s some old pictures of (crappy) make up I did when I worked at the tourist/scare attraction.

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