Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sci-Fi 48 Film Contest

So it’s probably a bit late in the week to talk about what I did last weekend but I’m going to do it anyway. I worked on a short film for the Sci-Fi 48 hour film competition where you are given a brief, a title, a theme, a line and a prop you have to use and then make a film out of it, all in 48 hours.
It was a good experience and the first proper(ish) experience of actually working on a film (in a make-up sense). We decided to go with a kind of pregnancy gone wrong theme so I spent most of the day working on a bump. They had bought the bump but the colouring was kind of fucked and I thought it would be cool to do the whole ‘poke from the inside’ thing a la Dawn of the Dead Remake. So I took the bump and make a hand sized hole through the middle of it and set to making skin to go over it.

I covered the hole with some cling film type stuff (technical term – I swear!) and stuck it down with liquid latex. I made sure it wouldn’t come off by covering it in a few layers of liquid latex and secured the edges with liquid latex and tissue paper. There was a bit of moulding wax involved in there somewhere and loads more liquid latex.  Then I let it dry helped along by a trusty hairdryer.
Then I set about sorting out the colours. I did want to make it a bit veiny and stretch-marky but unfortunately I had to leave to see an advanced screening of Avengers Assemble (brilliant by the way!). I have to say I was truly gutted to have to leave as I would have loved to have been more involved.

Overall it was a good day though I’m not sure if I got the balance right between being professional and social – I think everyone thought I was a bit of an antisocial loner as there were quite a few times where everyone was in the garden chatting and getting to know each other and I just didn’t realise as I was totally engrossed in doing the bump.

Please see below a link to ‘A Dream of Spring’ (sadly the bump didn’t feature as much as I had hoped)

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