Thursday, 23 August 2012

Frightfest the 13th

So it's the event me and Dave have been waiting for all year... Frightfest!!!

We did it properly for the first time last year (by properly I mean all 5 days) and loved it and have been excited about this year's ever since.

Frightfest is 5 days of horror films hosted at the Empire Leicester Square but if you want a better description of what it's about please have a wander over here.

This year's Frightfest is especially important / special for me and / or anyone interested in Special Effects Make Up for a number of reasons:

  • Greg Nicotero will be there to pick up a Variety award (please tell me you know who Greg Nicotero is...if not please see here or here)
  • FrightFest will also be showing a documentary about Greg Nicotero 
  • Special Effects Artist Paul Hyett's directing debut The Seasoning House will be opening the festival tonight 
  • A number of films Paul Hyett has worked on in a SFX make up capacity will be showing over the weekend
So this is just a small portion of what I want to say about FrightFest and about the things going on / are important to me about FrightFest so I promise that at some point I will write a better post about it soon

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