Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I’ve had bit of a break from doing make up at the moment so I can concentrate on exercising and losing weight (hopefully) in time for FrightFest.

I just wish that there was more time. By the time I get home from my boring day job and have something to eat there is only time for one thing, whether that be exercising or makeupping (that’s now a word).

So I’ve had a break, technically I’m still on the break but at least it’s really made me want to do it. And not just the really exciting stuff that I want to do but is probably slightly beyond what I’m capable of, I have renewed enthusiasm for all of make up.

I want to perfect my blending, for colours and for wax. I want to work out how to stop wax sticking to my fingers/hand when I’m moulding it. I want to have a go at solving the little problems that I’m usually too impatient to try and solve.

Now, I just need a couple of extra hours in the day…

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