Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hitchcock and workshops

We've moved house! OK, so we've been living in our new place for 11 days now so it's not a massively new thing but still, new house!

The new place is in Leytonstone, literally the other side of London to where we used to live (North Acton) and is the birthplace of the mighty Hitchcock, which means there are cool mosaics of him and his films in the tube station (photos to follow) and a hotel named after him. On the way here when we were in the hired van with the hired man (men with ven anyone?) we got stuck in traffic for an hour and a half so it wasn't the most pleasant experience! Not to the mention the cavalcade of awfulness the move came with...including filthy flat, lack of promised furniture and a toxic, chemical stench.

All problems aside we are finally settling into our new home which has a garden and a shed and most excitingly a big spare room which me and my lovely man, Dave are going to turn in to a study / workshop - so I will finally have somewhere to do makeup other than my kitchen !!! Now just have to find a decent workbench...

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