Thursday, 25 April 2013

A year of firsts

So far this year, I have achieved 3 personal firsts:

1) Did my first life cast - so it may have only of been of a hand and my plaster mix was a bit thin and therefore it fell apart a bit but still... First life cast.

2) Got my first workshop!! I know it's a bit pretentious to call it a workshop but what the hell!? And it may not look like much but everyone had to start somewhere and I am determined to create masterpieces here:

3) First prosthetic - I am currently in the process of making my first ever flat mould prosthetic and thus first ever prosthetic. It's currently in the last stage before application and I am eagerly awaiting the curing of my silicone. I'm scared it's going to turn out pretty shitty but also incredibly excited! I truly can't wait!

Ok, so there have been other firsts this year so far, such as my first (and hopefully not last) time working with the amazing Millennium FX, getting my first make-up credit on IMDB (for ‘Don't Move')… and other stuff I've done but probably forgotten about! Anyway, I'm a fan of threes and that's why my list was so short!

Obviously it's only April so who knows where the next two thirds of the year will take me - bring it on!

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