Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Updates on actual make-up stuff

I know I’ve been doing my “brief write-up” (I honestly did intend to make it brief – but hey! – I will finish it off soon…) of FrightFest but decided to take a break to tell you about some actual make-up stuff.

So firstly – I have a project. It’s a vampire photo shoot that someone wants to do. Sadly I think they may have slightly misunderstood what type make-up I do as I think they are wanting me to make them look model quality beautiful and there will be barely any blood / effects involved. In fact I was even asked if I could do the make-up in a “nearby café”… hmmm – I tried to be as professional as possible and calmly responded that I didn’t think a café would be a suitable or appropriate place to apply the make-up. They also don’t seem to understand the need for light or the need to tell me what they want so I’m just going to run with it and give them (hopefully) what they want. I’m going to try to do a test on myself or Dave tonight to see what will work. I am however optimistic about this shoot – any experience is good experience and hopefully the make-up will look great and I can get some pictures for my website that I’m attempting to design  – the shoot is  supposed to be on Sunday 16th September so I’ll update afterwards, success or otherwise…
Secondly, I almost had another project – one that I was both really looking forward to and shitting myself about. I was supposed to be doing the make-up for a short / promo piece which would be taken to help try and sell Blue Green Yellow Dead. I was soooo looking forward to it and was excited about trying all the effects Dave had thrown in but sadly this came down to money. I hate money. I couldn’t afford to go to Germany (where the short is being shot) so that’s that.

I’ve also been so excited that we don’t have a major event to splurge money on this month (such as FrightFest or moving house) that I bought quite a bit of make-up bits. I’ve bought a Neill Gorton life casting DVD and some alginate, some syringes, tubing, pumps and a tarpaulin (more attempting trying out some blood effects) and a selection of various make up bits from Charles Fox (including some fangs for the aforementioned Vampire shoot) spent a *bit* more that I intended but hey ho it’s all necessary

Right, I’m off to turn my boyfriend into a female vampire and splatter my kitchen in fake blood. Good times!

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