Sunday, 25 November 2012

Extreme Horror Saturday

Yesterday, to get over my nightmare I decided to spend the day watching 5 depraved and twisted horror films.  Clever, I know...

We watched (in order):

1) Switchblade Romance
2) Antichrist
3) I Saw The Devil 
4) The Woman
5) Audition

Personally I didn't think they were that extreme and depraved which I'm not sure what that says about me but I must say I really enjoyed them. Which I know is a bit weird considering the films' subject matters. 

Also on show was some great SFX work and beautiful direction. 

We did our best to avoid Gorenography / Torture Porn films because I can't be dealing with that crap - I feel that they are quite lazy films - and instead went for films that were concerned with good characters and story telling. Something to note as well, is that the majority of these films have a strong / powerful woman protagonist / antagonist which is something I don't feel is done very well in modern horror or, necessarily in cinema as a whole. It was quite refreshing to see a woman who is strong and even if she is a bit mentally unstable, you are able to understand the reasons why and empathise with her. 

So, that was my Saturday - I could go on about it forever but thankfully I won't. 

At least it took my mind off my bad dream...

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