Sunday, 25 November 2012

MSN TV Article

Please check out the below link:

That, my friends is an article of a reporter's experience at Bunker 51 - the zombie themed survival training experience with paintball, airsoft and laser tag thrown in - of which I am involved in. 

I have to mention that the reporter also says that "The effort the Bunker 52 crew go to is freakishly amazing; I half expected the actors playing the zombies to look like amateurs wearing shoddy Halloween costumes but instead they looked like they could have stumbled straight from a blockbuster movie set – or a grave." and "The zombies in Bunker 51 look scarily realistic," going to show that all the effort with make-up and costume is worth it and we have achieved what we have set out to do. 

I am bursting with pride to be involved with Bunker 51 (I was anyway but this article cements it) not only because of the scaring people and zombie-ing around (of which I do of course enjoy) but also because I was involved in doing the zombie make-up alongside other people and is it incredible to have my make-up recognised, especially as this is not something people generally comment on when they go to an experience / event like this. 

I am completely over the moon with the comments we have received from the reporter and others and am looking forward to continuing my involvement. 

And...get that, two posts in one day - I must be ill!

I am in the below photo - though you can barely spot me - I'm just below the lovely lady with the red hair

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