Sunday, 23 December 2012

Bunker 51

This time last week I participated in another two zombie events at Bunker 51.

After a week of a stinking cold I have to admit that I wasn't feeling my best and was quite worried about how I would cope with 6ish hours of being shot at.

Luckily all went ok aside from a few particularly painful hits from paintballs and airsoft pellets which resulted in me wearing two padded suits for the second event - I admit it, I'm a wuss!

I really enjoy being part of Bunker 51 and look forward to seeing what the future holds and how it can develop - I spoke to my friend Alexys* who organises most of the zombie part of the events at Bunker about a few ideas I have and am hoping we can work together to make the make-up effects even better than they are now (not that they're not good already - Just read the review MSN gave us)

The best part of Bunker is that I am starting to have a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities (even though I know I can always improve) and with that comes the confidence and belief in me from other people - which I find amazing, especially from people that I greatly respect (such as Alexys) as people and fellow make-up artists.

The next event is in 2013 (that in itself sounds terrifying) and I can't wait to get into it again and hopefully start planning some brilliant make-ups.

* Alexys is an SFX make-up artist who has worked on the Harry Potter films, who I met while working at the London Bridge Experience & Tombs in 2009.

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