Friday, 10 May 2013

Outsider Makeup Test

On bank holiday Monday we did the first make up test for the short film me, Dave and friends of ours will be making this coming weekend.
I have to say I was quite happy with how it turned out. I made 2 new prosthetics for the test (only my second time making any prosthetics) and they came out pretty well, the only issues were the edges which was down to the cap plastic which tore slightly when I was trying to put a frame on them.

Luckily the edges were quite easy to disguise and the finished look was one that even me (the perfectionist) was happy with.

So *all* I have to do for this weekend is make 2 more prosthetics from those same moulds, sculpt and cast a head wound, sculpt and cast a face wound and do all of the makeup and effects for this film this weekend. I’m pretty excited and rather annoyed that my normal day job is getting in the way of me working on all these things. I’m also sorting out catering, namely in the way of making numerous cupcakes and sandwiches.

So busy weekend ahead! But I’m loving every moment of it – even if I’m slightly scared about screwing something up.

I don’t want to spoiler anything so I’ll leave you with this picture of me doing the test makeup on Dave Puckridge AKA The Outsider

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